Writer/Reporter, Internet Marketing Firm Content Strategist, and sports fanatic. Much to say on many things.

Twitter: @kmichaelcook           Facebook: Kevin M. Cook

Instagram: kmichaelcook          LinkedIn: Kevin M. Cook

Welcome to my online curriculum vitae/ portfolio! I am currently the Content Strategist for an internet marketing firm, which I absolutely love, but over the past few years, I have also been a writer and investigative journalist, focusing on sports journalism, but covering a diverse range of topics. The “Categories” links have indexed my previously-published work in an easy-to-navigate way. I also selected a handful of articles as “Featured” posts, meaning I deem them especially well-written or well-researched, and represent my writing abilities and effort best.

All previously-published articles have external links to the site on the Internet where they can be found. Any article/post without an external link is an article I’ve written and published here, for my WordPress and Twitter followers, without the aid or endorsement of a third-party media outlet.

Thank you for reading, and please follow me on any of my various social media accounts (above) and here on WordPress, so you can keep current as I continue to update content.


Kevin M. Cook

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